A walk-through our SOFT SANCNTUARY where your senses are heightened through the fragrance of memories, the touch of delicate spatial hemp weaves illuminated by the warmth of floral agar lamps. 

Textile artists Sanya Sharma, Pallavi Padukone, and Yi Hsuan Sung's collaborative immersive sensorial environment expresses their shared joy of the handmade. Individually their practices explore the fields of fragrance integrated in textiles, natural fibers, 3D spatial handwoven installations and floral lighting objects made from seaweed. Soft Sanctuary is the curation of work born out of their apartments in isolation during the uncertainty of 2020 to weave together stories of time, spaces, and nostalgia. Honoring natural materials and making using creative craft forms has been their means of meditation and staying connected.

A blank space filled with their reflections of the time we are currently living in and the opportunity to introspect, create and share.

Welcome into their Soft Sanctuary.

Stay, feel and immerse.


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The Artists

Pallavi Padukone, a New York-based textile artist, and designer from India is reinterpreting the fragrance industry, through her experimental sensorial collection using natural ways to integrate fragrances in textiles. Using fragrant roots and scent-coated yarn and embellishments, her work explores the concept of fragrances for wellness and how they can be expressed visually through color, patterns, and textures. Padukone uses textiles as aromatherapy to condense time and distance and create an immersive experience to reconnect with nature, nostalgia, home, and identity. Pallavi received her MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design.

Website -  www.pallavipadukone.com

Instagram - pallu.padu

Email - pallavipadukone@gmail.com

Sanya Sharma is a Textile artist and designer from India. She expresses her dreams, beliefs and realities through traditional weaving techniques. Her work incorporates natural materials, slow and tedious processes, and subtle details. By studying intersectionality across past, present, and future, she weaves diaphanous 3-D structures out of hemp, linen & steel that offer a disconnect from immediate chaotic surroundings to allow for a breath of stillness. Sanya received her MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design, New York and is currently based in New York.

Website - www.sanyasharma.space

Instagram - @sanyasharma92

Email - sanya19sharma@gmail.com

Yi Hsuan Sung is a New York based textile florist from Taiwan. She has a MFA in Textiles from Parsons School of Design. Bringing nature's beauty into interior space with an awareness of environmental impact is her primary pursuit as a designer. Yi Hsuan designs floral pendant lamps with her innovative faux flower making system using agar, food waste and 3D printed molds.she has been cooking, weaving, braiding and gardening a glorious world of flowers from agar and food waste with the respect to natural materials and the love of organic colors and textures.

Website - https://yihsuansung.com

Instagram - @yihsuan_sung

Email - yihsuansung7079@gmail.com

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